LHC Biennial Meeting 2018 Schedule and Registration

Hello all, 

Please find the schedule and registration form for the LHC Biennial Meeting below:


Registration Form

In addition, please read the important information on airports and hotels below:

Airports for the Conference:    There are two airports in Southern California that would be appropriate for conference attendees.  The first, Los Angeles International (LAX) is perhaps a bit further away, but there would be more flight choices and fares might be cheaper.  The second, Burbank (BUR) is a bit closer, but there might be fewer, perhaps more expensive flights. 

Given these complexities, its not feasible for the LHC to arrange airport transportation for attendees of the conference.  There are commercial shuttles and other transportation options that might be appropriate, and there is room on the LHC website for possible exchanges of ride-sharing information, etc.

The hotel we have arranged with is the closest one to the California Lutheran campus, but it is still some ways away, so we'll have to use the hotel van and attendees cars to move people back and forth.  REMEMBER - the conference rate for the hotel is good though September 3, so please make your arrangements before then!